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A Natural Vegan Skin Care Routine Review

Hey there!

I’ve been testing the Pure Haven skin care set for about 6 weeks now.

Take a look at the video to find out more about the Refresh cleanser, Exfoliator, Toner, Moisturizer, Eye Cream, and Night Serum.

These can work for skin that’s oily, struggling with acne, on the dry side, even aging skin.  I’ve found that the ingredients in this set are better than what I was able to put together on my own mixing essential oils, etc.  They’re very pleasant and gentle, but also manage to make my skin glow.

The organic, natural, and non toxic ingredients in this set are well worth the investment.  It will likely last you months because a little bit goes a long way.

To try one out for yourself, with the 60 day empty bottle guarantee on your side, click here and SHOP for the Refresh 6 piece skin care set. If you prefer, there’s also a new mens skin care set with slightly different ingredients that may appeal to you more if you shave your face.

If you sign up for the Preferred Customer Club, there’s a one time fee of $14.95 and then free shipping after that.

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re interested in learning more about how to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, be sure to check out some of the other blog posts. I’ll be adding more every week.


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